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Our Philosophy

There's not enough lovely software in the world.

... No, really. That's what we believe, and we're trying to do something about it. The "master plan" if you will is simple:

  1. Make lovely software
  2. Sell the lovely software for a reasonable price
  3. goto step 1

What does it mean for software to be lovely?

Lovely software:

It's worth noting that every one of the criteria listed above has something to do with the user, and this is intentional. Software should work for the user, not against. This seems obvious, though it's disappointingly easy these days to find examples of software that clearly works against the user (notably, target ads and attention-seeking recommendation algorithms).

Our process

We follow a nontraditional approach to building software in that we try and keep dependencies to a minimum, i.e. we write as much of the product as possible in-house without relying on third-party or open-source components.

Minimal dependencies means development usually takes a bit longer, since we often have to write core components from sctatch. However, doing so gives us the opportunity to, in our opinion, produce better software. Specifically, we ourselves own and are responsible for almost all of the code behind our software; this gives us unique optimization opportunities that simply aren't possible when relying on "black box" third-party software.

It's worth noting that we do have a few dependencies. For a full list, see: thanks.

Some examples of lovely software

(Or companies that generally make it)